Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bookshelf Markers for Organization

We actually use bookshelf markers!  I know it is a little anal, but it sure does help us keep track of all our books and where they belong.
To make these, I obtained a bunch of paint stir sticks.  Each member of the family got a color and I painted the sticks and then used Permanent marker to create my stick figures representing each of us.  Each family member got two markers.  Plus, we made a few more for "school books" since we homeschool. 

The idea is that one marker goes in the book shelf when a book is removed to save the place where that book belongs.  If an individual in the family doesn't have a free marker, that means there is a book laying around the house that needs picking up in order for another book to be removed from the shelf.

You could decorate the stir sticks anyway you pleased (as you can see from mine, no artistic ability is truly required).  Hope you find this idea useful.

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