Monday, October 1, 2012

The Halloween Graph

Make a graph out of your Halloween Treats and Learn something in the process.  Activity is aimed at early elementary

1.  Create a grid on a poster board where the squares are fairly large (these are two by two cm - see photo).

2.  Pull out any treats that are particularly large and won't work for the activity.  Set those aside.

3.  Have your child help you "sort" your candies and place them on the grid so that each candy only uses one sqaure (in at least one of the directions)  - See photo

4.  Have your child think about what the graph represents by comparing the "results" of their study.

5.  Let your child eat one or two of their "treats".

Learning advantages:  
Sorting Practice - how will you sort yours?  By brand?  By type?  By flavor?  Nuts, vs no nuts? Fruit flavor?  Hard vs. Chewy?
Introductions to Graphs and Pictoral Representation of Numbers
Comparing and Contrasting Practice.

Originally Published on "Homework Club" Site 2010

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