Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Newly Discovered Fidget

For those of you not already aware of fidgets, all you need to do is check out my article on the subject matter, Teaching Wiggle Worms.

I don't know why this one has never occurred to me before, but it didn't until Alice had a magnet out and a bunch of nuts (you know, the ones that go with bolts - hex nuts).  We've played with them before, but it gave her something to fidget with while she did her other work all day today.  Go figure!

To put together this decorative, desktop fidget, make sure you have a fairly strong magnet, a pincushion magnet would work really well and can be purchased anywhere you would by sewing supplies (but we were just using one from one of her science kits today).  Then, buy a bag of small hex nuts and voila!  Magical sensory stimulation for one hand, while the other does the writing or the ears do the listening.

You might also try other little metallic objects such as paper clips or coins.  Maybe you have some metallic buttons lying around. . .

This also makes for a great activity with sculpture buy the way!  Put it together and you will see what I mean.  Click the link for more ideas on make at home fidgets.

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