Saturday, May 5, 2012

Do a Subtraction Scavenger Hunt.

Math Scavenger Hunt
Place a known number of objects (that are the same) out for your child to see and count (choose a number in line with your child's skills, for example if your child easily adds to ten but has a harder time with sums equaling 15, choose 12 objects).  Ask your child to count the objects and then look away.
Remove a number of objects and hide them while your child is not looking.  Ask your child to count the number of remaining objects to figure out how many objects must now be found.  If you started with 12 and there are 5 remaining objects, your child now gets to go find the remaining seven.  Do this once or twice and then move on.  If you make it a habit to play this game a couple of times every few days, your child is getting wonderful practice with subtraction without ever knowing that is what she/he is doing.  To maintain motivation if she/he starts getting bored with the game you could make the objects something he/she likes to collect and they get to be added to the collection once they are found.

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