Monday, July 28, 2014

Get out and Go

If July and August aren't a good time to get out and get in touch with nature - I don't know when is a good time.  The weather is generally fabulous kids aren't locked to their desks, and traffic is lighter than usual.   It is also a time when kids who attend mortar and brick classes (whether part-time or full-time) might be getting a little bored with the same old games and toys at home.

Boeing Museum of Flight in Seattle

Goats in a road-side enclosure in Eastern Washington

If you frequent this blog, you may know that Alice and I take a road-trip every summer and try to make sure to visit at least one National or State park along the way.  National and State Parks are wonderful places to go that I will always recommend.  During the summer months the National Parks often provide "living history" experiences when there is a historic aspect to the site.  If you live near one, please go and support their programs!  They are a great benefit to us all and will be memorable experiences for your kids and you.

San Juan National Historic Monument: English Camp Living History Day

Fort Vancouver Blacksmith's shop

However, National and State Parks aren't the only way to go.  Often there are treasures right in your backyard you can take advantage of on any given afternoon.  Just this last weekend, Alice attended a fly-in at a small airport near her Grandparent's House, rode on a helicopter and made a wooden airplane model.  We have visited farms, the beach, zoos, aquaria, botanical parks, county parks and small museums as well.  Even something as simple as a trip to the creek down the road can be an adventure when you really want it to be, the point is to get out and look for the adventure - you'll find it.

Local Renaissance Fair (Fencing Class - only$8!)

Medieval Times Tournament
It probably looks at the moment like I don't understand not having the option to travel to some distant place at the drop of a hat.  However, there really are things to do right in your own backyard.  These photos highlight some of the most memorable things we've done, but whether it is a puddle jump after a rainfall in your own neighborhood, a trip to the city zoo (which for us, means over an hour's drive, but it is worth it) or a weekend at the nearest national park, an adventure awaits you that will allow for some bonding, relaxation, some fun and probably a little learning too.

An Archaeological Dig Site we were able to visit on the spur of the moment when we visited Fort Vancouver.

Visit to a Working Textiles Farm only a little ways away from home
Nearby Beach
Forest Walk Find: Smashed Mushroom (this location was close enough to home to walk there)

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