Monday, July 15, 2013

Make a TRUE Rag Doll

The herb pictured here is Pelindaba Lavender, but pine needles, rosemary, any dried herb should work well.

 You will need scraps of cloth, scissors, a favorite fragrant herb, string and ribbon and yarn for adornments.

 Cut the fabric into a square and a rectangle
Don't worry about precision.  Just get the general shapes.

Place a pile of herbs in the center of the fabric square as though you are making a sachet.
pull the corners together and bunch the fabric around the herbs.
Tie off and now you have a head and "neck.

Roll the rectangle of Fabric up and place behind the neck of the sachet you created.
Tie the arms on by wrapping string around the arms and neck and tying off.

You now have the general shape of the doll.  She can be adorned in whatever way you wish.
Use more string, ribbon or yarn to tie on colorful bits of fabric for clothes, draw on a face with markers, and pull one stitch through the head and around some yarn to make hair if you wish.

You can also simply dip the "dress end" in dye - even a home-made "dye" using squashed berries would work well to give the dress some color and interest.

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