Sunday, June 23, 2013

Medieval Livelihoods

What you did in Medieval Europe dictated almost everything else about you. What you wore and ate, how you slept and how much mobility you had was all dependent on what you did for a living.  We didn't do a lot of "lessons" in any formal way about the different livelihoods.  However, we did attend a tournament at both the Renaissance fair and Medieval Times, dressed the part for a noble family and for a free-market family, and ate a Medieval Feast.  As usual, we did some surfing on the web, watched some videos and read plenty of books on the subject as well.  These were some of the most useful and informative resources we encountered along the way.

At Medieval Times

Videos to Watch

As always, please preview any videos and other resources before sharing them with your kids.  Links can become broken at times, and what is appropriate for a twelve year old, may not be for a six year old.  Also be aware that many online videos today now have commercials at the beginning that may or may not be appropriate and change depending on the viewer.  I cannot control these factors.
Terry Jones Medieval Lives - The Peasant, The Monk (sexual content), The Damsel (sexual content), The Minstrel, The Knight, The Philosopher, The Peasant, The King.

Feudalism  Clear and Brief Video describing the basic concept of feudalism. 

Worst Jobs in History (Royal) - Much of this one is most relevant to the end of the Medieval era or post middle ages.  However, it does feature makers of lances, link makers (for chain mail), and purple makers.   There is a bit about "the business of making babies,"  that really isn't a big deal, but wanted to give you the heads up just in case.  Preview it to be sure if it is right for your goals and child. 

Worst Jobs in History Medieval, you'll get a much wider range of specific jobs to the Medieval era than the Royal version.  Its examples are a lot less directed at clothing than the Royal version.
The Barber Surgeon worst job is pretty gruesome.

Online Resources

The Gode Cookery

Medieval Clothing

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