Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - Part 2

This is the second portion of a literary unit centered around The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.  Click on First Chapters for resources for the beginning of the book and on The Last Chapters for resources regarding the book's final chapters.

In Chapter Four - Turkish Delight, Edmund meets the White Witch and enjoys her treats of the same name.  There is something sinister about the delights the reader will discover and the theme of temptation enters the story.  I suggest Narnian Temptation, before you finish reading chapter five together as an activity to help in getting your child to think about how Temptation plagues us all at times.  

It is worth talking about the Professor's attitude about Lucy's story when you come to it during chapter five.  Very few children will not think this character unique in his fairly open attitude about magical lands and places.  If you have not yet read "The Magician's Nephew," but plan to, a conversation about the Professor that leaves the children wondering about him, will make the moment of realization in the "earlier" book to be read later  that much more precious.

 If you would like to take a little time out from the story during Chapter Seven to learn about real beavers, here are some resources for you.

Nat Geo's Beaver Family Video of Beavers with informative narration.
NatGeo Beaver Range Map and Informative Article with photo
Britannica Kids diagram of Beaver lodge showing interior and construction.

I have incorporated the following printable options for chapters 4-8  below.  By clicking on them and opening as a separate page, you should be able to print them for your own use.  If the following printables are too young for your child, you will find a wonderful Educator's Guide aimed at older children at the link for the C.S. Lewis Foundation.  I ask that credit for their inspiration be given to the C.S. Lewis foundation for question and activity ideas.  For that reason, I will also input their user statement here and ask that it be applied to my alterations and additions as well:
They may be downloaded in their entirety, copied and pasted into learner activities and used, in part or in whole, as deemed most appropriate to the learning styles and developmental levels of particular student groupings.

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