Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Look at Loyalty

This activity can be used as a stand-alone activity, but I am presenting it as one in a series of activities related to our reading of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.  For more information and resources for the entire LWW unit, click here.

The instructions for each step in the activity are available on the images here.  Simply click on each image and it will open in its own window.  You can then clearly see what is written there and print.

I ask only that you please use these pages for educational uses with your child/children in your home or classroom and for no other reason.

 Aesop's The Goatherd and the Wild Goats can be found online here.  The BBC has done an Audio version that gives the story more context and shares the story with more elaborate description building pictures in a listener's head about each character and the setting.  It tells the story from the perspective of the wild goats instead of in third person also making the story a little more personal (which is a nice touch).  Additionally, there is this animated version on YouTube.  I used all three versions, starting with Aesop's original and moving through them as they are listed in this paragraph.  Young children are benefited by repetition in regard to understanding (as are adults when learning something new really) so it does not get boring - especially since you are adding a new medium with each step through the three.

Other Great Stories with a theme involving loyalty:
Josefina and the Story Quilt - We talked a lot about Faith's Sense of loyalty toward her chicken, Josefina.
This blog article lists and briefly describes another five picture books with a loyalty theme.

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