Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Big Miracle

This heartwarming tale is available for rental at your local Redbox now.  If you missed it in the theaters (as we did), I highly suggest it now.  The movie offers up a fairly close to reality tale about three whales trapped in the ice in 1988 and the effort to save the whales from their icy trap.

The lessons to be learned from the movie include some tidbits of information about whales and a little history, but more importantly, how disparate groups can find ways to overcome their differences to achieve a goal together.  Perhaps our political leadership (and I am speaking of candidates and incumbents here) should be forced to sit on a couch and watch together, but I digress.

Alice saw the movie during her overnight at the whale museum and has been asking to see it again ever since.  When we saw it available, we rented it and I'm really glad we did.  She enjoyed it all over again.

Link to IMDb movie information and cast list

Read an article summarizing the true tale

Anchorage News Photo from 1988

Cambell Plowden's (Greenpeace Coordinator) Take on the True Story

Fairbank's Daily News

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