Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Photographic Scavenger Hunt for an Antiquities Collection

Photographic scavenger hunts make for a pretty relaxed way to make sure your kids see the things you want them to see when you go on an outing, while still allowing you to be fairly relaxed about the whole affair.  Younger kids can talk to you about the photos while you help them get the picture they are after, while older kids can be required to take notes about the object in the photo and even have to "defend" why a piece they chose to photo is representative of a particular culture, ideal or other requirement you warn them about in advance.  Here is the list I gave Alice for our trip to the Getty's antiquities collection at the Villa in Malibu.  Although this list was made with the Villa in mind, it should be general enough that it would work for most museums with a moderate to large antiquities collection.
  1. Favorite piece of Jewelry for show (earrings, necklace, diadem)
  2. Favorite piece of Jewelry that held a purpose (signet ring, brooch)
  3. Statues depicting a bust of 5 famous mythological characters.
  4. Statues depicting a Greek philosopher, three Roman Emperors, an athlete and a senator.
  5. One Greek statue and One Roman statue - Note their similarities and differences.  Look at how the Greek statues show no flaws, while roman statues do show flaws.
  6. 5 different types of dinner wear from antiquity such as cups and bowls.
  7. At least one Greek vase
  8. At least one Amphora
  9. A Byzantine Mosaic 
  10. A favorite artifact from the Etruscans
  11. A piece made of bronze
  12. A piece made of pottery
  13. A piece made of glass
  14. A piece made of stone
  15. Something of your choice you thought was really cool

Here is a Printable of this Scavenger Hunt List (I hope):

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