Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Drawer of Their Own

So, it is time to do some reorganizing and I realized that I'd never written an article about THIS cool thing we did for Alice when she was almost three.

I decided that Alice needed a little help being able to help in the kitchen and help herself.  So, we went and picked out a set of 5 inexpensive plates and 5 inexpensive bowls that wouldn't break (without really trying hard) that could be hers and hers alone.  Then, all of her plates (and even a few drinking cups we already had) were all placed in an organized fashion into a single drawer in the kitchen.

Her drawer was then her responsibility.  She had to clear her dishes, rinse her dishes and get her dishes out of the dishwasher and into her drawer.  It was also a great help if she wanted a quick glass of water or a snack, because she could get it herself.  She almost always asked about the snack and when she didn't, it was something like a few grapes that she grabbed.  When she asked, I usually knew what was in the fridge and could offer up some ideas for her.

We'll be dismantling it because she is growing older and capable of more and we could use the space for other things, but I'm glad we sacrificed the space for the few years we did.  It was just one thing we did with her that in hindsight turned out quite nicely and had a few nice surprises (like her deciding to serve up snacks to her parents from time to time).

I just thought I'd pass the idea along.

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