Thursday, July 12, 2012

Latest Find for Car Travel with Kids

So I saw a picture of something like this online and thought I'd try making one.

It took about a yard of fabric, a little thread, stuffing, some velcro and some ingenuity but she loves it!  First cut your fabric into a number seven shape with the top of the seven being about six-eight inches edge to edge and a couple feet across and the bottom of the seven being closer to ten-twelve inches edge to edge and a few feet long (I didn't actually measure, I laid it across Alice to see what would fit her best and gave it an extra two inches in width beyond what "fit" on her for sewing allowances.

Make two identical sevens with their "right sides" facing each other.   Stitch up all along the top and outside edges of the seven.  Then cut another flap of fabric that will fit on the lower part of the seven on the inside and cover the seat belt.  Add velcro to one edge of this strip and  stitch a corresponding piece of velcro to the seven where the flap will meat with the pillow part of the seven.  attach the velcro.  Lay the "flap" in between the two "sevens" again with the velcro aligned but again with the right sides in.  Stitch up the inner edge of the seven and the narrow end.  Stuff.  stitch the very bottom of the edge to keep the stuffing in and you have a seat belt cozy.  Sorry I didn't take more pictures.  If none of this makes sense, you don't have a sewing machine or just don't have the desire to customize and do it on your own try Seatbelt Snoozer.  Its only $20 but makes it so your kid can sleep more easily on the road.  

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