Sunday, July 22, 2012

Enemy Pie

In light of the impending return to school in the fall for many kids, there are some out there that are worried about classmates they may encounter and others that will quickly find themselves "enemies" at school.  Even if they don't attend a mortar and brick school, kids come into contact with kids with whom they simply disagree, rub the wrong way (or are rubbed the wrong way), or who (in the worst cases) bully others.

Should your child encounter any of these "enemies" this wonderful picture book might prove a great resource to get a discussion going with your child about his or her feelings on the matter and how best to approach this "enemy" they are encountering.  I'm not saying a book can totally solve a serious bullying problem, but in most cases of dispute between a couple of kids, this book is likely to be a great help (and No, it does not offer up a recipe for simply poisoning the other kid).

The book is actually ten years old now and was featured on Reading Rainbow so there is a blog all about enemy pie, how to buy it, and resources for related lesson plans and, if you can, organizing a visit by Derek Munson to your school or home schooling cooperative so he can really send the message home about how to make an enemy a friend (Based in Vancouver Washington).  For lots of great ideas check it out!   

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